So many ways to say “I quit”

It’s strange but I find myself being far nastier in New York than I ever was when I was across the pond. Perhaps it is my way of keeping Paris with me always.
The phrases I have used to my boss in the last three weeks: 
  • ​I understand. I will try harder to make my circles less elliptical.​

  • ​That strikes me as excessively fastidious.

  • When I said “any time tomorrow” I didn’t realize you would call me at midnight.

  • I’ll do better next time and answer your question whether I think it is rhetorical or not. ​

  • ​I can’t tell you why exactly I seem tired. That is private.  ​

  • I understand that sometimes I speak quickly. It’s usually because I feel the point I am making is stupid and I don’t want to waste precious moments of my life on it.

  • ​Your personality ​so bothers me that I am not sure how much you pay me makes up for it.

  • (On the West Side Highway) That’s a lot of “one last things,” Allen. I will jump out of this moving vehicle if you don’t stop talking soon.

This blog is turning into a sad Down and Out in New York (as opposed to the happy original?). I think I am grumpy because I forgot to work less and read more.
Free art on Sundays:
Love always,

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